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Driveway Construction Blue Mountains. Got a steep driveway that’s difficult to maneuver? Too many potholes? Terrible drainage? The Landscaped Garden offer quality driveway construction.

Landscaping Driveways Beautiful Garden


Get a driveway that’s designed to be long lasting, easy to drive on and easy to maintain. 

A frustrating driveway can set a bad mood as you leave or return home, as well as damage your car or increase the likelihood of personal injury.


It’s not just the functional aspect of driveway design that we are focused on, we want to construct you a beautiful driveway as well.

That’s why we are the best driveway design team that you could ask for, creating strong, functional and aesthetic designs for you whether you’re in Penrith, Springwood or Blackheath.

Landscaped Driveway Non Slip Driveway
Landscaping Driveways Garden and Gate
Landscaping Driveways Garden on Steep Driveway
Landscaping Driveways Large Driveways
Landscaping Driveways Large Double Driveway
Landscaping Driveways Parking Area beneath a Deck
Landscaping Driveways Gravel Parking Space
Landscaping Driveways Garden Area

What kind of driveway do you require? The Landscaped Garden has designed and built:

Heritage paving driveways

Old brick driveways

Brick paving driveways

Concrete driveways

Gravel driveways

Road base driveways

Driveway Construction in the Blue Mountains

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