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The Landscaped Garden will solve the water drainage issues on your property. Whether it’s over pathways, driveways, backyard areas, courtyards – Don’t let pooling or flooding inconvenience you any more. Give us call today and we’ll give you the drainage solutions you need to bring your garden to life!

Landscaping Drainage Flooded Backyard


The flow of water is a crucial design consideration with any landscaping design. 

The Landscaped Garden considers drainage in all aspects of our landscape design, ensuring flooding and pooling doesn’t occur on your property. We’ve experience in the blue mountains where many properties have steep blocks, and water flow is crucial. 


Transform flooding areas with beautiful Landscape Design, customised to your property’s drainage requirements. 

Flooding and pooling can appear in troublesome spot throughout a property. Water can displace landscaped areas sink or stain if the drainage is unsuitable. The Landscaped Garden will transform any area of your yard where you are experiencing drainage issues, with quality, guaranteed drainage  solutions.

Landscaping Drainage Solutions in Flooding Areas

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