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Landscape Design Form.

If you would like to move forward with the landscape design process please fill out the questionnaire below and one of our friendly team memebers will be in touch regarding the next steps.

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    Personal Information

    Background Information

    First we'd like to gather some information about your garden and your home.

    What do you need?

    What areas of your property do you wish to redesign?

    Other (Please give details)

    Are you able to provide us with any of the following?

    Which is your Local Council?

    Other (Please specify)

    Is your residence:

    Why would you like to re-design your garden?

    Other (Please give details)

    Which elements of the garden would you like to keep as is?

    Which elements of the garden would you like to renovate, remove or redesign?

    Defining the Spaces

    Now we would like some information on how you would like to use your new garden.

    Your outdoor area will be used for?:

    Other (Please give details)

    Which utility areas need to be included?

    Other (Please give details)

    Design Principles

    The next section will focus on the look and feel you are trying to achieve in your outdoor space.

    Is there a particular garden style you have in mind?

    Other (Please give details)

    For each pair of design forms which do you prefer?
    Straight LinesCurves

    Which words would you select to sum up the overall feeling of the garden?

    Other (Please give details)

    Plants and Trees

    Please supply some information on the plants you might like for your garden.

    What goals are you trying to achieve through your plantings?

    Other (Please give details)

    Which do you prefer?

    Which flower colours do you prefer?

    Do you have any plants you would like to include?

    Do you have any plant allergies?

    If Yes - What are they?

    Construction and Maintenance

    Some information on construction and ongoing maintenance of your garden / outdoor area.

    Are there any particular landscape features you would like to include in your new garden?

    Other (Please give details)

    What would you like your outdoor area made of?

    Whats is the timeframe for construction?

    If phased what construction are you looking for in:
    Phase 1:
    Phase 2:
    Phase 3:

    What is the budget for landscape design and construction?

    Who will do the ongoing maintenance?

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